Pricing & Payment

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Three steps to preparing and placing your order

  1. Complete an order form and email it back to us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  2. Send/share digital files using a file sharing/transfer website - Dropbox, WeTransfer, GoogleDrive, etc (email us for more information if you have a analog format).
  3. Send payment via paypal through the ORDER NOW button on the website


If sending in a CD, please send your dubplate or mastering order form to:

Turnstyle Records
16122 Illinois Court
Torrance, CA 90504

NOTE: Prices do not reflect the required California state tax for all sales transactions. All companies with qualifying resale license numbers must provide appropriate documentation prior to placing order to waive state sales tax fee.

(acetate ref.)

10" - $40.00

12" - $50.00 

7" - $50.00

reference and
both A/B sides


10"/12" Single - $250.00/both sides

LP/Album - $300.00/both sides

7" - $130/both sides

$50/per track

to CD Transfers

Singles/Albums - $50/hr

Audio CD Media - $3/ea

1/4", 1/2",
2" Tape

Initial tape set up fee - $50



$12 per order
(within the United States)
for FEDEX ground, includes tracking number, shipping and handling.{simplecaddy code=SHIPPING}

(Overnight and 2-days priced differently, please call or email us for rates.)

For VINYL MASTER shipping:
Make sure to include your matrix # & which plating (or) pressing plant to send stamper to


- 15 minutes and under
$20.00/side - 16 minutes to 20 minutes
$30.00/side - 21 minutes +

As of June 2008, we charge the above editing fees and placing orders on
hold that have been sent in unsequenced, unprepared or not premastered for vinyl.

We will inform you if a problem exist.

Example of reasons for editing charges -
any complication where any side is on more than one source, for the removal of
audio clicks, white noise, high frequencies above 20khz which cause distortion,
sibilance (the "s" in vocals), level differences between tracks on compilations,
audio channels out of phase and extreme low frequency panning, etc.